VisuallyPaired is celebrating 420 with its first original art collection, designed by artist, Shannon Heylin. "Happy Daze" is created by stoners for stoners. 

 For the "Happy Daze" collection, VisuallyPaired wanted to create an elevated cannabis-inspired collection. Focusing on the style of the designs and the quality of the apparel, we have crafted a collection made for smoking on the couch and wearing out. Our artist focused on designs that elevate beloved weed iconography and pop culture, but with a more sophisticated twist. "Happy Daze" represents the intersection of stoner wear and high fashion.


The first piece in the "Happy Daze" collection is "Charmed", a sensual illustration of twins, one an angel and the other a devil. The design is a cannabis-inspired take on the saying, "Devil made me do it." Through this design, VisuallyPaired wanted to show a distinct shift from cliche motifs in stoner fashion and bring in new iconography and themes. We wanted to make a smoking-inspired design that was alluring and provocative.


The second piece in the collection is "MJ", directly inspired by the smoke-sesh staple, Blond, an album by Frank Ocean. The cultural impact of Blond on stoner culture is apparent, and a cannabis collection would be incomplete without a dedication to this iconic album. Mary Jane echoes the composition of the album cover, but the female figure is a reference back to the Twisted Sisters.

The final piece in the collection, "Wiz of Oz", is our ode to celebrity stoner Wiz Khalifa. One of the most iconic potheads in music and pop culture, thus, we chose one of his most famous photographs and transformed it into an illustration, and subsequently translated it into chenille. The alteration of the image and the new texture achieved through the chenille elevate the iconography, creating a more high-end aesthetic.